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Help us raise £4,500 to make it happen

From our recent podcast with super gt, (AKA, steve alverez brown), we suggested having a special simulator race to celebrate the history of jim clark and to look to the future of racing with the latest generation of simulator drivers competing against some of our local & international, legendary drivers.  The support is gaining ground and many of the sim drivers have thousands of fans who watch their livestream events.  the event would be recorded and broadcast live on the day.  we need to raise £4500 to cover the costs of the simulators and facilities that would be set up in duns for the event.  plus we need to cover the costs of the sim drivers getting here and home again! 

If you would like to help make this epic race happen please donate to our page using the link on the home page.  Thanks so much.

We will keep you informed of the progress.  the names listed on the picture are suggested and are yet to be confirmed.

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