Raise Your Kids The Right Way With Fat Trevor

Traditional Stories for The Next Generation

I wrote these stories to help children tackle the wokeness and political correctness that they face in our schools and from the media.

Fat Trevor never gives in to the nonsense and makes sure those who are forcing their views are held to account! Whether by lion or dinosaur, those who lie and scare our children will face their just, come up pence!

Plus the stories teach good morals and the importance of hygiene,  manners and a great attitude.  Perfect for the next generation of libertarians!

Make sure your kids have the tools they need to take on the loony left!

Plus, your kids will go to sleep laughing

Best Wishes

Author, Hugh Hatrick

Being able to laugh at yourself and others, hear opinions and not get all precious about it, see the funny side of serious things. These are skills which take practice.

These stories start the process at an early age, with no swearing, profanity or any kind of maliciousness. Just a great laugh.

Andrew, -

Me & my boy had good chuckle going through this book. Fat Trevor should be a cartoon show! Great read & valuable lessons to be learned from.

Harry, -

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