Welcome to Bible 365 with Hugh Hatrick.  Please join with me as I read the word of God everyday in a year.  You can watch it on YouTube or as a podcast on Anchor FM.  I’ve listed below the first bible reading video and podcast episode.

For the introductory video to the program,  click the YouTube link here. https://youtu.be/1WEgTjG01wQ Once you’ve watched it, then hit the back arrow and you’ll come back to this page and you can then select the video or podcast version that you would like to view or listen to.

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Thanks & God Bless.

YouTube :  https://youtu.be/R2zohQXzYno

Podcast Link: https://anchor.fm/hugh-hatrick/episodes/Bible-365-with-Hugh-Hatrick-Day-1-Genesis-12-Mathew-1-echuvi

The first step of following Jesus.