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I left School in 1993 and was sure I’d be a racing driver and world champion by 2000!! That didn’t happen! I started out working in banks as a cash teller then onto call centres for pension companies.

It wasn’t until 2002 after an unsuccessful attempt to become a BSM Driving Instructor that I truly started to branch out and run my own business. My list of failures are many but that’s taught me to plan carefully and to become a better businessman and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

I was a leasing broker in early 2003 and went on to start my first real business, (with premises and huge costs!) as the director of a car and van rental company. With the recession of 2008 about to hit, my business closed.

So at this point, I started to write stories and felt a real calling for writing. It would just take a while to figure out what I could write and if anyone would buy it!

Like many things in life I put my writing on the back burner and after coming out of a bankruptcy in 2011 I had a fresh start. A career in caring worked out perfectly. I always wrote a bit here and there and with the advent of becoming a Utility Broker with Utility Warehouse and deciding to give it more hours it started to contribute towards a better life/work balance. This unlocked the door for me to write my first book that I got self-published. It’s called, “Hatrick’s Orlando Holiday Guide”. I’m currently working on children’s bedtime stories and I’m really looking forward to unleashing them onto the public very soon!

I became a Christian in 1994 and that has transformed my life and attitude. With the power of Christ I’ve been blessed with great friends, experiences and a very optimistic outlook on life. I do hope that my stories and books can deliver positive and inspired moments to those who read them.

Along with my podcasting and YouTube channel, I try to create a fun, enthusiastic and not too serious look at life, motorsport and cars. As the motto goes, “Drive Fast & Try Not to Crash!!”.

You can join me on my podcast and video shows weekly and send me some comments or questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I love helping people out with car buying advice, or helping to get their everyday bills down with my Utility Warehouse offers. (UK Customers Only).

Thanks for reading my short biography. Have a wonderful day.

Best Wishes & God Bless

Hugh Hatrick

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