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I try to create a fun, enthusiastic & not too serious look at life, motorsport & cars. As the moto goes

“Drive Fast & Try Not to Crash”

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The Human Dynamo

Hugh has been called “The Human Dynamo”!! He’s always got plenty of enthusiasm about cars, holidays to Orlando and for helping people to save money! He always sees the funny side of life and never takes himself too seriously! I can’t wait to read his new and completely un-pc, children’s stories! I know that he has based himself as the main character so it will be crazy!!


Jonathan Sutherland

Orlando, Cars & Saving Money!

Hugh is the go to guy on any of these subjects. His depth of knowledge on these topics is unparalleled & he is the guy I go to when I need help around these topics.

Harry Wycherley, Breaking Media

A Unique View On The World


BNI, Sarah

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My New Children’s Book Coming Soon

By |October 1st, 2019|Categories: Hacks, Ideas, Tops|

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